Let's start.

We have all the evidence of the numerous scams perpetrated by “Robrucci” who is “Yuuki(Yuki) Matsui” in Discord that is SNS. He is Japanese.

Please start with the following Instagram page.

The attached video includes his own voice when he was pursued for fraud on Sep 1, 2022. (Voice is Japanese)

His Instagram account is “bokuanpanman2525”.

He spends a high percentage of his time in Thailand, Dubai and Spain and also has an investment in a restaurant in Thailand. If you know him or see him, please contact us.

He is a habitual virtual currency scammer.
He has a separate house in Thailand, and the story about his investment in the restaurant may be false, but he has been in Thailand all his life and must know many people there, and he has an apartment in Dubai, where he lives.

One of his bases(Life Asoke Hype) in Thailand is here. The image on the left is from his room at home that he posted.

He often stays in Spain as well. We will spread the information from this area. We would like to spread the information to Italy and France as well. We have also confirmed that he is stealing people’s money from people around him in Thailand under the name of “Mirror Trade”.

We have been trying to get a refund every day for the past two months, but he has turned the tables on us and told us that their lawyer will be in touch with us. We will make him famous as a scammer, so we would appreciate it if all of you could put your faces, voices, and business partner friends together and spread the word.


“Yuuki(Yuki) Matsui” aka “Robrucci”

Date of birth: 1992/08/15
Height 165~166cm (64.96~65.35 inch)
Weight around 66kg (145.5 pond)

If you see this face, please let us know.

His voice is very distinctive. Please watch the video if you would like to see it.

When we discovered that he was committing fraud at the end of August, and when we pursued him on zoom for a refund on 9/1, he moved out of his condo in Thailand in a hurry and has been running around.
He has been on the run since then, not even repaying our money, but rather running away, saying that he would send the money on 10/3.

  • 9/27
He said that will send money in 4 installments.
  • 9/28
He said that will send the money on 10/3.
  • 10/3
He said that will receive the money at night here. It's noon now, so please wait.
  • 10/4
He said he was waiting for the money to arrive. He said that if it is delayed, he will pay from his insurance policy.
  • 10/6
He said it will take some time because of the "address tag". Insurance will take care of it. 
  • 10/7
He said waiting for money 
  • 10/9
He said that already waiting for the reflection. He will send back money finish processing by Monday night. 
  • 10/10
He asked that can he send Ayumi's money for separately by him? 
  • 10/11
He said that he's about to run out of charge, so he'll call us in an hour and a half. 
  • 10/12
He said that the person to whom the money will be sent finally got in touch today and will send the money today. 
  • 10/14
He said that he finally got in touch with the other party. They will bridge the gap and send the money to himself. 
  • 10/17
He said that refund will realistically take 3 days. He's in the process of withdrawing his own funds from the fund, so he will send the money from there. 
  • 10/19
Finally, he got upset. 
I can't touch it.

That's enough.
I don’t talk to Maru.

Please move on with your fantasies.
You should not think that all of your ideas are correct.

The attorney will contact Maru within two days and you will be able to make a decision based on the text of the letter.

I will refund those who are in personal contact with me here.

We look forward to receiving your refund within 23 hours.
He >I can't touch it.
I don't know what you're talking about.

It’s been two days and I haven’t heard from a lawyer or anyone else, and he has already figured out that there is only one person his in personal contact with, and that person hasn’t been contacted in a while.

We will not stop spreading the word until this scammer gets to the point where he can’t get away with it, so please let us know if you see him.
We have also confirmed that there are other crimes as well.

We have all the videos of him talking on seminar, pretending to be using his own wallet on Binance.

We have also archived all of his correspondence and other communications over the past two months.

We also have on file the exchange in which he instructs his Metamask balance to be padded from zero.

He also falsely claimed to be friends with a well-known person in the virtual currency industry, and we have proof of this as well as an image of him when he told us that he did not know the person when we confirmed it with him.

He falsely claimed to be a “Mirror Trade”, “scam coin” he created, “alt-pump”, etc. He collected tens of millions of yen and will refund the money, so he asked us to stop spreading his picture, but in the end he did not refund the money.

Robrucci, a.k.a. Yuuki(Yuki) Matsui, who has been refunding his salon students, had them submit a transaction for their refunds, but when he couldn’t receive it, we found that the image was forged.
This transaction can be searched to find the amount of money before forgery.

Robrucci, aka Yuuki(Yuki) Matsui, has deleted his Instagram account, but his original account was here.
We confirmed that the account was restored on 10/23/2022. (It is a closed account)

This is his “telegram” information.